The End of An Era…Peter, Paul and…

This post has very little do to with travel. It has a lot to do with life. Mary Travers passed away Wednesday, September 16th. Many don’t know her by her last name, but rather by her first. For the last 4+ decades, she has been the “Mary” of one of America’s legendary folk trios, Peter, Paul & Mary.

For some, they were three people who wrote songs protesting the war in Viet Nam and other social injustices. Some probably considered them left-wing wackos (and still do). But I suggest to you they were (and still are) the conscience of the country, often during times of great social stress and disagreement.

They wrote of real places like El Salvador, and of magical characters like Puff, The Magic Dragon. People say to be at one of their concerts was like taking a trip through time, through our country in the last 40 years. That’s what people say. Personally, I don’t know. For despite the fact that Sports Leisure Vacations took people to see the famous trio in concert many times, I was never able to tag along. You know, one of those things you keep putting off, thinking there will always be another chance. This time there won’t be another chance. It makes me sad.

Peter and Paul have indicated they will carry on. It’s reassuring to know they will continue to carry their message of social justice and hope. They have entertained countless millions of people in their careers as musicians. I hope it will be the same, but I know it will not.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Farewell Mary Travers. Thank you for the joy you brought to our lives. Amen.

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