On the road in search of Mystery (and discovery)…

california - born in the usa mystery tourAs I return from another successful “scouting trip” across this great land, I come home with the knowledge that another of our popular Mystery Tours is going to be a big hit with our more adventurous travelers. For the past five days, two of us (Ryan Quinn, the man who is redesigning our web site and updating it to be as user-friendly as possible, served as navigator) have wound our way through two states, in search of the perfect additions to our spring Mystery Tour, Born in the USA.

We found some wonderful places to eat, things to see, places to discover. But since it’s a mystery tour, I can’t tell you about them. At least not completely. But what if you could spend a week on the road (ok, technically 8 days) and learn how things are made, how our country grew to take it’s place in the world, and be treated to a variety of cultural and fun experiences along the way? What if I told you you would stay in one of the finest and most exclusive resorts in the country, enjoy the chance to sample wonderful foods and see things you never knew existed? Would that spark your interest?

Mystery Tours are an interesting concept. Give someone a lot of your hard-earned money, and trust them to take you someplace fun and interesting. We’ve been offering these trips for 27 years. They are our most popular travel product. Our travelers trust us to come up with “never-visited-before-places” all across the country. Born in the USA, at the end of April, is no exception. Take the plunge and discover mystery touring. You missed Lewis and Clark’s expedition, you didn’t sail with Columbus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go in search of discovery…

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  1. Mystery trip sounds interesting. In my initial email to Sports and Leisure, I requested that they send me any brochures, catalogs, etc. about upcoming trips, particularly day trips. I would still like that information.

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