New York’s Nooks and Crannies

After dozens of visits to New York, you would think the city would lose some of its excitement, it’s luster.  Not for me.  Every trip yields something I hadn’t discovered on a previous trip.  This week’s Thanksgiving in New York trip is no exception.  Sitting outside of Radio City Music Hall on Thanksgiving afternoon, while my charges are inside hearing Christmas melodies in one of the world’s finest auditoriums, is a good time to share my latest discoveries.

I’ve long been a lover of comfort food.  Iceberg lettuce is way more appealing than “field greens,” biscuits and gravy beat eggs benedict for breakfast any day of the week.  Foo-foo offerings are just not my style.

One of the beauties of the Big Apple is its incredible variety of eateries.  Nearly 14,000 in Manhattan alone at last count.  But one of the best has just opened near our favorite hotel, the Hilton Times Square.  “Schnipper’s” is on the 41st St. at 8th Ave., just across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  They proudly boast it is their only location, and they’ve served way under a billion (according to the sign on the wall).  But where else in New York City could you get a sloppy joe, served on a warm and lightly toasted homemade bun, leaking properly out of both sides?  The onion rings were thick sliced and deep fried and Chris’ burger elicited nothing but moans of delight from his overstuffed mouth for a full five minutes.

There are plenty of upscale places in NYC to dine.  Sardi’s in the theater district is a favorite of mine, with great crab cakes, even out of season.  Fraunces Tavern, where George Washington once ate before anyone ever thought of Wall Street, has the best pot roast you’ll ever cut with a fork.  And the homemade ice cream at the Delegate’s Dining Room at the United Nations is a true culinary delight.

But next time I want a burger, or a sloppy joe that reminds me of the ones mom made when I was a kid, I’ll think of Schnipper’s on 41st St.  Inexpensive, great service and clean as a whistle.  But don’t tell everyone, because they only have the one location.  Under a billion served.  And so it goes…

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