“The Travel Guys” debuts on KFBK, Sports Leisure comes to your radio

Indeed, at 12:06pm on Sunday, February 14th, a brand new radio program was born in Sacramento. At that moment, Tom Romano cued the board operator and the theme track for “The Travel Guys” was heard on the air for the first time. Tom and I will be co-hosting the show.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be back on the radio. (My first stint was as a sports talk host and commentator on KSAC, 1240AM, in the early 1990’s. I loved being on the air talking sports then, and I’m really looking forward to working with my long time friend Tom on our new program.) “The Travel Guys” will be heard every other Sunday to start, from 12-1pm. The next broadcast is this Sunday.

You can listen driving home from church or while you’re out and about or working around the house on a Sunday afternoon. The program will be light and fun and informational. “Info-tainment” is what describes our format best. We want to offer you information the traveler can use, whether you travel for business, pleasure or some of both. Things that are interesting, whether you are traveling there or not.

We want to update you when someone in the travel industry does something screwy (which means we’ll be talking about the airlines every program), or help suggest ways to make your travels more enjoyable. It won’t be a Sports Leisure infomercial, but we will liberally sprinkle the show with spots that highlight some of our favorite people and destinations. We have 30 years of experience on the road to share with you, and the radio is one of the best places to do just that.

Our first guest last week will be a regular. John Holloway, of Holloway Travel Outfitters, will be our travel gadget guy. Already he’s saved us from bed bugs, jet lag and poor circulation while sitting on a plane. This coming Sunday, we will broadcast live from the New York Times Travel Show in New York. Hope you’ll give it a listen.

The show will be funny and light and packed with news tidbits. When the situation calls for it, we’ll bring you real hard travel news. We’ll also ask your opinions and invite you to call in from time to time. You never know, there might even be a laugh or two.

Being on the radio has always been a passion of mine. It’s a joy to know I get to share that passion once again. I hope you’ll consider tuning in this Sunday, February 28th, from 12-1, on KFBK, 1530 on the AM dial. “The Travel Guys” can also be heard March 14th and 28th at the same time.

From time to time, Sports Leisure experts like Clayton Whitehead, Ramona Goodge and Scott Angeletti will appear as guests and tell us about their travels. Clayton will offer our frist “Road Report” on the March 14th show, sharing his upcoming trip to New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

If you’re near a computer, the show streams live at www.KFBK.com. Just click on “listen.” On www.sportsleisure.com, you’ll find links to everything mentioned on the show, plus cool travel-related items that come across my desk from time to time. Go to our web site, and click on “Cool KBFK Radio Stuff.” As always, I invite your comments and suggestions. Sports Leisure Vacations has become a leader in the travel industry because of your input. I would like “The Travel Guys” to follow in those footsteps. “See” ya on the radio Sunday. Feel free to tell a friend.…