“Live from New York, it’s…Sports Leisure Vacations on the radio!”

Indeed, on Sunday, February 28th, The Travel Guys, our brand new radio show, hosted by yours truly and Sacramento’s number one radio man Tom Romano, was on the air, live from snowy New York City. (If you’d like to listen to the show, simply point to the blue “Cool KFBK stuff” button on the home page of our web site, and click. Then scroll to the bottom right and you can listen to the show, just as it was broadcast, but without news and commercials.)

So how does something like that happen, you ask? (Please ask, because otherwise, I don’t have anything to write about.) Well, first one of the radio hosts carries a briefcase full of wires and equipment to Columbus and Hartford, then through the snow-covered streets of New York. Well no, I guess the first thing is to actually have a radio show. But we have already climbed that mountain (see the previous post)…

It takes a lot of modern technology and a little luck. Like running into travel author and legend Arthur Frommer and his daughter Pauline, who graciously agreed to an interview. It was so good and we had so many interviews, we actually had to save Arthur and Pauline and they will be heard on our next show, Sunday, March 14th, from 12-1pm on KFBK, 1530.

We did our broadcast from the basement of the center, inside a press room. The signal only got dropped once in the hour we were live on the air, and then only for a few seconds. Nothing like a bad signal to make live radio really exciting. But that’s why Tom was in the studio, just in case something like that happened.

It was a bit of a chore, but it was fun too. If you are ever in New York City the last weekend in February, consider being one of the 17,000 or so who attend the world’s biggest travel show. Your senses will delight in the music, the culture and the excitement. I found a few neat ideas for future travel, made some new friends and got to interview an industry legend. Listen in this coming Sunday and hear what he had to say about the biggest values in travel today and about what the not-so-secret theme park Universal Studios is about to unveil in Orlando. Hint: If you or your grandchildren enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films, you are going to be in hog-wart heaven.

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