“Live from New York, it’s theater night”

In New York city for a brief scouting trip, checking out our Flushing hotel for our upcoming baseball tour, and taking in a performance of Promises, Promises, our Broadway theater selection for our Thanksgiving in New York tour.  One of the reasons I made the trip is because the reviewers didn’t really care for the show and I needed to see it for myself.  Nothing like avoiding a bomb with a little homework.

You know, it’s been my experience that the critics don’t always get it right.  This is one of those times.  Promises, Promises is based on a 1960’s movie called “The Apartment.”  It stars Tony-nominated Sean Hayes (of Will and Grace) and Kristin Chenoweth, and features music by 1960’s and 70’s iconic composers Hal David and Burt Bacharach.  It is a “period piece,” in that it is set in the 60’s.  It fits the music.  Sean Hayes, in his first Broadway leading-role, is terrific.  He’s funny, he can sing (although his voice is a bit thin in spots) remarkably well and he can act.  Did I mention he’s funny?

The musical comedy is a bit slow in spots, but those moments are short and infrequent.  Tuesday night’s audience at Promises, Promises, apparently didn’t read the reviews.  The theater was packed and the audience roared their approval.  The show has star power with Hayes and Chenoweth and it highlights them well.  It is a Broadway night well spent.  The Tony Awards often determine a show’s fate, and they are three weeks hence.  But with a break or two, this show will enjoy a long run.  And why not?  It’s fun, musical and leaves you humming the tunes as you walk out of the theater.   Promises, Promises delivers on them.  Promises that is.  Big time.  Enjoy the show.