Chris takes on Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra Nevada

What’s in a name?  With a name like Death Valley, it would seem not much.  I was recently assigned to plan and escort our Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra Nevada Tour.  As I began my research I was shocked at what I found.  There is more than just dry, cracked clay and tumbleweeds (as I have always envisioned), instead there is actually an abundance of LIFE in Death Valley.  The park is home to numerous species that have adapted over time to the dry conditions and thrive here such as the Bullhorn Sheep and Coyote.  Luckily, we will have two full days of touring to take in the sights and to learn more about this fascinating region.

The Furnace Creek Ranch will be our oasis in the desert.  You can check out their website in order to give you an idea of the accommodations and the beauty that awaits you at every angle.  Make sure to look at the photo gallery provided on the site.  My interest has definitely been piqued and I am eager to continue my research to learn more.  If you are interested in joining me I encourage you to take a look at the hotel link provided above and feel free to write to me at with any questions…or just write to me to share information or a story from a previous visit.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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