Reflections on a week in paradise….

I never tire of visiting Hawaii. For all the commercialism that has come to the tourism industry there, there is still a sense of wonder and discovery. You can still find places and things others have overlooked, or just walked past too fast to really see. Hawaii is changing, becoming more self-sustaining and friendly to the planet. The Hawaiian people have always had this mantra and it has served them well.

On this trip, we combined a lot of business with a little pleasure. On the Big Island of Hawaii, we made a pilgrimage to Drysdale’s Two, the burger joint named after the late great Los Angeles Dodger pitcher. Don loved the Kona Coast, and while this is not the original Drysdale’s location (hence the “two” in the name), the burgers are still 5-napkin classics. Seriously, this is in the burger hall of fame, in my opinion. The open air eatery is in the Keauhou shopping center. Not a lot of Hawaiian atmosphere, but didn’t you come for the burgers? Or maybe the baseball memorabilia that lines the walls? There a drink on the menu called The Suffering Bastard. Rumor has it if you drink more than two, you’ll find out how if got its name.

We stayed in Waikaloa at the Hilton Hotel. Huge. Really huge. 20 minute walk from our room to the parking lot. 15 minutes to the front desk. Unless you take the tram or the boat. No kidding. Nice rooms, way overpriced everything, sorry but I can’t recommend a stay there. (Try the Marriott next door. Way less drama and a very nice resort.)

Up the coast of the Big Island, on a road most people never travel, is the little village of Hawi (pronounced Haa-vi). The Bamboo restaurant is a wonderful place to get a real Hawaiian meal and across the street is the best ice cream store in town. It’s also the only ice cream store in town. Tropical Dreams ice cream is the best. I think. More testing could be in order.

Old Hilo town is just that, a throwback to the Hawaii of 50 years ago. We made a quick stop at the caldera that is known as Kileauea. It’s still smokin’ and bubblin’ and snortin’. The historic Volcano House Hotel on the rim is closed for renovations. Sure hope it comes back. It’s a glorious place to stay, on the rim of an active volcano.

Next stop, Oahu, where we found something new and rediscovered an old favorite. Coming soon to a blog near you…and so it goes….

3 thoughts on “Reflections on a week in paradise….”

  1. Fun to follow your blog. Andrea and I have been to the Bamboo Restaurant and had the ice cream! Must try your other recommendations next time we’re there. I loved Chuck’s Steak House…can’t wait for Chuck’s Cellar. Enjoy your stay!

  2. Thanks Carolynn. We concluded a successful journey. Nothing like a business that takes you to Hawaii from time to time. I am soooo lucky.

  3. I grew up there so I look at Hawaii from a totally different perspective. It’s refreshing for me to hear someone talk like this as it brings me back to some important values…all this talk of Hawaii…makes me a bit homesick. Time to put in a request for time off!

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