From Donuts to Don’t Buy This

After a weekend exploring my favorite Farmer’s Market in Vancouver, Washington; and the Saturday Market in Portland; it’s back to Sports Leisure world for just a day, until a business trip takes me to Pittsburgh.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Portland in the summer, be sure to find room for Vancouver on your itinerary. Not Vancouver, British Columbia; Vancouver – just over the border from Portland. A quiet, beautiful little town, with a character all its own and a Farmer’s Market that might just boast one of the best selections of fresh berries, flowers, food and unique stuff found anywhere. Small but perfect in every way.

No visit to Portland would be perfect without a stop at famous Voodoo Donuts. Made popular (heck, made cult-like) by the weird shaped donuts they make (think parts of the male and female anatomy for starters) they make, the line at Voodoo is always 45 minutes to an hour. Having sampled them, I can assure anyone who is about to stand in line, they taste pretty much like any other donut….

We return to Sacramento Sunday evening, after a chance to pick fresh boysenberries, marionberries and blackberries at a small family farm. Always a highlight of our visit.

Then I’m back in Sacramento, putting on my Sports Leisure hat, and appearing on the Fox 40 Morning Show at 7:40am on Monday morning. They want someone to talk about how to avoid getting nickeled and dined to death while traveling. Happens to be one of my favorite subjects. Id’ be flattered if you found time to tune in. That from a guy who has a face for radio.

2 thoughts on “From Donuts to Don’t Buy This”

  1. Thank you for the tip on Vancouver, WA Mark. We have not visited that town nor Portland for many years. We enjoy Portland’s downtown; it is tourist friendly.
    We will skip the donut shop; to many empty calories for us. We missed your gig on Fox TV; we didn’t get your blog in time.
    Woody and Eleanor

  2. Dear Woody & Eleanor –

    Vancouver, Washington, is definitely a keeper. What a wonderful market. Picked boysenberries in the rain. I’m sure that makes them taste way better… Thanks for writing.


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