Are You New?

Since my 22nd Tour Preview Day is fast approaching, I started thinking about the past 21. In 19 of the 21, including last year, at least one person has asked me this question. Are you new? Well, not exactly. I have been Sports Leisure Vacations’ controller for two decades. Since I am not a tour director, I have become the company phantom. To change that fact, I am writing a short biography.

I grew up in rural New Jersey. By the time I was 18, I was sick of shoveling snow. Like Clayton, I love the South. I moved to Tuscaloosa to attend the University of Alabama. I am a proud graduate and a huge fan of Crimson Tide athletics, especially football. After graduation, the Air Force brought me to the Golden State.

California has been golden for me. My daughter, Robin and son, Nick were born here. Yes, they are twins. No, they are not identical. I was introduced to my lovely wife Linda by mutual friends.

In the July/August Traveler, Clayton & I were pictured with our classic yellow cars. My wife and I are the original owners of a 1979 MGB. I am also the long-time treasurer of the Sacramento Valley MG Car Club. On numerous weekends, you can find us motoring around the back roads of Placer, Sacramento and El Dorado counties. If you see us, honk and wave. We will do the same.

For an accountant, I am quite friendly. If you are in our office, pop your head in my office and say “Roll Tide”. If you are attending preview day, I will be wearing a blue SLV shirt and Bob Veliky will be on my nametag. When you see me, please do not ask “Are you new?”.


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  1. TO: BOB VELIKY (Are you new?)
    Just had to write to tell you that my husband Richard (aka Dick) Larbig belonged to the MG Club. For many years we had one in our garage up on blocks that he was going to restore when he retired, he did start to but then became sick, and sold his beloved MGB to club member Gary Herbold, before he passed away. He also belonged to the Maita club (SAMOA) his first Miata was red and the last one he bought was black. I wasn’t a big fan of sport cars but he sure loved his.
    I have boy/girl twin grandchildren. I have to laugh when I am asked if they are identical!
    Have fun cruising along in your MG.
    Lenore Larbig

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