Penguins? On a plane?!?

There we were, 32 wonderful Sports Leisure Travelers waiting to board our airplane to San Diego for an extended weekend, the “Luxury in La Jolla” trip.
There were odd noises coming from two crates covered with blankets in the front row of the plane. We all assumed they were dogs or cats but an odd noise bellowed from the crates. To our amazement there were two VIP passengers traveling with us, Pete and Pat penguin from Sea World San Diego. They were in Sacramento visiting the capital with a few of their trainers promoting conservation and were returning home.
As we boarded the plane their two crates occupied the bulk head seats. As the trainers got them all nestled in they lightly sprayed them with water to keep them cool. As people boarded the plane there were odd noises coming from the crate that was a sound between a cat and a donkey. Boy did the flight attendant get some looks.
Once we were at cruise altitude the flight attendants came by with peanuts and pretzels, unfortunately they were out of anchovies.
As Pete and Pat conversed back and forth, the plane listened with curiosity. To our amazement one of the trainers got on the microphone and told us the captain has given permission for Pete and Pat to come out of their crates and walk the aisles of the airplane. As they waddled up and down the aisles there were giggles and smiles among us all. We had the opportunity to see them up close as well as learn all about where they live in the wild and at Sea World.
What a wonderful way for us to start our trip. We went from penguins, to hot fudge sundaes, to brunch at the hotel Del to shopping in La Jolla to dining in Old Town and all the wonderful things in between.
Of course, we can’t promise penguins on every Sports Leisure flight, but we always try to go above and beyond. To my “shy and quiet” group of 32 passenger thanks for a wonderful trip.
Look forward to making more memories with you. Your “shy and quiet” tour director RoseMarie Holt.